Healthy pigs mean great tasting pork for your family.

Our passion for quality pork and the high standard of care provided by each of our farming families, means you can trust our pork products are not only grown sustainably, but are safe and healthy for your family.



Pork produced to meet the highest standards of food safety:

Each of the farms in the Riverbend Pork Group meet the stringent standards of the independently audited Australian Pig Industry Quality (APIQ) program.

APIQ certification ensures the highest level of food safety and traceability. This is achieved via responsible farming, where the utmost care is provided to the animals, environment, and customers, by following safe and sustainable farming practices. Find out more.


The latest technology and sustainable farm management:

Our farms focus on providing the best care to our animals and reducing impact to the environment.

Across each of our farms we employ sustainable farming practices including appropriate waste management and the recycling of waste water and used straw to enrich cropping soil. We obtain much of our feed from local fertile farming land and keep abreast of the latest in pork farming technology.


High-tech animal welfare practices:

There’s no sunburn or chilly nights for our breeding sows. Our pigs are housed in temperature controlled shelters where they are free to roam and socialise in comfort.

In the heat of summer, the sides of our shelters are fully open for natural ventilation, with supplementary cooling by large fans and mister sprays keeping our pigs cool and clean. On a cool winters night, the shutters on each shelter can be closed to keep our pigs cosy and warm.


Certified ‘Gestation Stall Free’:

Our sows are fit, healthy and stress free. Our breeding females are free to wander about their shelters for the whole of their pregnancy - pigs are in fact very social animals.

Our sows are kept in optimum body condition with computer-controlled feeding stations dispensing the correct feed to match their weight, age and stage of pregnancy. After our sows give birth in closely supervised, specially equipped rooms, they suckle their piglets for up to 4 weeks. They are then weaned to warm rooms where the weaners run in large groups with their litter mates.


Specialist veterinary and nutritional support:

We focus on raising the happiest, healthiest pigs possible.

We have our own in-house veterinarian and nutritionist on staff to adopt leading-edge feeding technology and provide health and production management advice across the group. This ensures a consistently high quality product that is more tender and flavoursome than other production systems. Our pigs are fed a nutritionally balanced diet including grains for energy and legumes and beans for protein, together with vitamins, organic minerals, and in-feed yeasts and probiotics.


When you purchase from Riverbend Pork Group you are supporting a group of passionate Australian farming families.

We supply our 100% Australian, farm fresh, whole pork carcasses direct to butchers and processors locally, interstate, and internationally.


As a group, we have a large pork supply capacity with the flexibility to cater from the largest order right down to one pig carcass, or even one box of pork product per week. Whatever the size of your order, we will work together to accommodate your needs.

The quality doesn’t stop at the farm gate.

The Riverbend Pork Group takes great pride in always delivering the best quality pork to your family’s table.

We carefully select export accredited meat processing facilities plus reliable and certified stock transport providers to ensure quick delivery and an ongoing high standard of fresh pork product.



For wholesale enquiries or to find your local Riverbend Pork stockist, contact us today.